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Patient stories

Brisbane mum Samantha Clemens has made it clear to her family if she ever needs medical help, to take her straight to the Princess Alexandra (PA) Hospital.

Patient stories

1,115km away from Brisbane, in Airlie Beach, there is a beloved community member who also happens to champion the cause of Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH).


A much-loved event at the PA Hospital, the Smiddy Fun Run is back.

Patient stories

Darryn Cutler’s life has been a rough ride in recent years, but he is grateful for the care he has received at the PA Hospital. He has found his own way to say thanks and give back despite ongoing issues with his health.

Cancer research helping COVID patients

Based at the Translational Research Institute (TRI) at the PA Hospital campus, Dr Philp is a lead researcher in the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre of Queensland's (APCRCQ) Adipokine research team. The team is looking at adipocytokines, hormones secreted from body fat tissue, and the role they play in cancer progression, to develop treatments for patients with advanced prostate cancer.

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