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Extraordinary Funding

This is a recent initiative of the Foundation to support projects and programs as they are needed rather than once a year. It is a small pool of funds that are available through monthly application for projects consistent with one of the following:

  • Matched research funding - to facilitate applications to larger research funding bodies that require pledged support prior to application submittal.
  • Patient support – novel ideas that will improve care for patients at the PA Hospital.
  • Staff education

To apply for Extraordinary Funding from the Foundation, download the Extraordinary Funding Application. Please keep the application answers short and simple as they are reviewed by Foundation staff, not researchers. We use the information from accepted applications to talk to our donors about projects that their donations support. 

Contact Sandra McGinnis (funding@pafoundation.org.au / 07 3180 1840) if you need further information and submit the completed application to Sandra at the email above.