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Medical research

The PA Research Foundation has a proud history of supporting and progressing innovative medical research at the PA Hospital Campus. 

From providing seed funding to support the discovery of the world’s first cancer vaccine, to funding a world-first clinical trial in a new combination therapy for aggressive cancers such as triple negative breast cancer and head and neck cancer – we are invested in making a difference on a global scale. 

We can’t do this without donor support!

We have a track record of narrowing our support to be focussed on novel, start-up research projects with a translational outlook. Usually, it is during these early stages that medical research struggles to attract the necessary funding to progress preliminary findings to larger-scale clinical trials. We view our role in the research funding landscape at the PA Hospital campus to be a means that bridges the gap between a research idea remaining just that, an idea, and getting that idea established as a project in a position to receive longer-term funding.   

Our funded research areas span a multitude of disease areas, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, bladder cancer, heart disease, liver/kidney transplant, nutrition and dietetics, mental health and diabetes.

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Research we fund

PA Research Foundation’s donor directed funding model allows us to work closer with the community, our donors and partners to support life-saving-research across several funding areas.

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Research impact

PA Research Foundation has been committed to transformational health research since our inception in 1984.

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Prior to the introduction of our changed research funding model, the PA Research Foundation jointly funded the PA Research Support Scheme.

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