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Prior to the introduction of our changed research funding model, the PA Research Foundation jointly funded the PA Research Support Scheme. The aims were to award funding and provide people and project support to PAH Campus researchers across medical, allied health, nursing and basic/clinical fields who strivd to translate research discoveries into improved health and medical outcomes.

The PA Research Support Scheme was a joint initiative funded by the PA Research Foundation (through generous donations from the public, donors, bequests and local businesses) and the PAH Private Practice Trust Fund.

In 2017 the PA Research Support Scheme was renamed Metro South Health Research Support Scheme to better reflect the commitment to supporting research across all Metro South Health sites. The Metro South Health Research Support Scheme (MSHRSS) is funded by Metro South Health's Study, Education and Research Trust Account (SERTA) and the National Critical Care Trauma Response Centre (NCCTRC), which is a separate allocation of funding to our PA Foundation Research Awards. 

PARF now collaborate with MSHRSS annually to deliver research funding across Metro South Health, with our research awards sitting within the Project Grant category. 

Information regarding open and closing dates, funding guidelines and applications for the Metro South Health Research Support Scheme (formerly PA Research Support Scheme) can be found here.

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For any enquiries regarding the Metro South Health Research Support Scheme, please contact the research Support Coordinator 

Email CHR-RSS@health.qld.gov.au or call  (07) 3443 8057

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