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Vital equipment

The PA Research Foundation is proud to have played a notable role in bringing revolutionary technology to the PA Hospital campus which will advance medical care and save lives.

Thanks to the support of our generous donors and the PA Community we were able to help establish the first Vectra 3D Whole Body 360 imaging machine and fund a significant upgrade to the PA Hospital’s Gamma Knife machine which enabled it to help hundreds more patients a year.

The VECTRA Whole Body 360, the first of its kind outside of the United States, will revolutionise the way skin conditions and skin cancer are mapped, monitored, and diagnosed.

The VECTRA Whole Body 360 will revolutionise the way skin conditions & skin cancer are mapped, monitored, & diagnosed.

The Vectra produces a detailed 3D image of a patient which replicates the skin surface in complete detail and as the machine is so detailed it can pick up changes in patient skin between check-ups it is of particular use in high-risk melanoma and skin cancer patients.

Upgrading the Gamma Knife, which uses focused beams of radiation to treat cancerous tissue without damaging surrounding healthy tissue, doubled the amount of brain tumour patients able to be treated by what is a non-invasive alternative to open brain surgery. The upgrade allowed Radiation Oncologists to treat larger tumours than they had previously been able, potentially saving hundreds of lives in the process.

Thanks to our supporters we have also been able to provide free Wi-Fi to patients who spend long periods in hospital in the PA’s Cancer Services, Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Spinal Injury Units so they can keep in touch with family and friends and enjoy services like Netflix.